Welcome to our DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL

  • BARAUT ROAD BUDHANA Muzaffarnagar

  • Affi. No.-2131883 Sch. Code.-59078

  • Phone : 01392-235322davpublicschoolbudhana@gmail.com

Examination & Promotion Rules

The school is affiliated to CBSE and the CCE guidelines have been implemented from Class Nursery onwards with a Grading system reflecting Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic areas in the Report Card. Project work and oral testing emphasizes the significance on self exploration and presentation skills. A strong academic curriculum is followed with emphasis on experiential learning through planned class activities, audio visual aids and Multiple Intelligence lesson plans, Modules on the Smart Boards supplement the teaching content in all classrooms from Nursery to XII.

There is no formal examination for students of Nursery to Class I. The Report Cards of the children is based on the assessment / evaluation done on the basis of day to day observation.

  • Nursery & Prep : No Formal assessment. The students are assess on the basis of day to day observation, through common conversation and revision worksheets. A checklist is also prepared at the end of each term to verify the child’s conceptual understanding.
  • Class I : The grading system of Class I is an overall assessment of a child’s performance in class which includes the written as well as oral skills. Formal exams are not held, however at the end of each term, oral testing is done which further helps in assessing a child.
  • Classes II & III : The report cards of the children are based on the assessment / evaluation done on the basis of Weekly Tests, Oral Testing, Projects as well as the day to day observation of the child.
  • Classes IV & V : The students performance is evaluated on the basis of weekly tests, oral testing, project work as well as two formal examinations, one in each semester.
  • Weekly tests are held on Friday in rotation for all subjects for Classes II to V.
  • Two formal examinations, one in each semester for Classes VI – X and XI are held.
  • For Class XII, there are three formal examinations.
  • One Monday Test every week for all Classes from VI – XII is held in rotation for all subjects.