Welcome to our DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL

  • BARAUT ROAD BUDHANA Muzaffarnagar

  • Affi. No.-2131883 Sch. Code.-59078

  • Phone : 01392-235322davpublicschoolbudhana@gmail.com


The endeavour for the D.A.V Public School in the upcoming years is to be transformed into a “Digital School” aiming at 100% participation of students in additional co-curricular activities to develop & intensify students’ potential to grow into all-around developed and nourished personalities. We also aim to impart quality education at a nominal cost to the children of all sections of society, especially underprivileged section. We follow the following points regarding the benefits of Students.

  1. To develop important traits of character like honesty, diligence, self-discipline, sense of social responsibility, concern for human rights and to promote latent talents for leadership and responsibility.

  2. To promote the highest standards in all respects of the curriculum by ensuring that all pupils develop to their full potential.

  3. To motivate the children to achieve excellence in every sphere of life.

  4. To make village children aware of the latest development in the field of education, decency in their social life and awareness about the future career options.

School from its very beginning has emphasized on its aim to inculcate the spirit of self-reliance, an innate desire for learning as a continuous process and decent social behaviour among the students. A healthy synthesis of ancient Indian Wisdom and Modernity has been the keyword for the students, whose all-around personality development echoes in the integration of the three: good health, good moral character and a keen sense of observation, besides excellence in studies. The essential ingredients of a good personality, decent social behaviour and scientific tempo, is what the school stands!